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Siri and Voice Dictation really come in handy on Apple Watch, especially since there's no keyboard. Siri seems a lot more accurate on the Watch than on the iPhone. Something else to note is that Siri on Apple Watch doesn't have any audio feedback, however there will be a tap on your wrist to indicate the Siri has responded.   Siri is activated either by waking the screen and saying "Hey Siri" or by pressing the digital crown for 2 seconds

For some requests, such as creating an appointment or sending a message, Siri will prompt you with a confirmation.  For situations like this, you can remind hands free by saying "Hey Siri, Ok",  "Hey Siri,  Send" or "Hey Siri, Cancel"

Here are some things you can do using Siri on Apple Watch:



Set an Alarm for 6am

Wake me up in 6 hours

Change my 6:30 alarm to 6:15

Turn off my 9am alarm

Delete all of my alarms


(Note: Out of the box there is no way to view reminders on Apple Watch, but Up Next - What To Do When allows you view your existing reminders on Apple Watch, and create new ones hands free using Siri, or voice dictation within the app)

Remind me to call Mom tomorrow

Reminder to pick up the dry cleaning

Remind me to take the are in at 3pm

Remind me to check the report at 7pm tonight


 What time is it in London?

What's today's date?

What day is New Year's Eve this year?

What's the date this Saturday?

How many days until Christmas?

Set a timer for 10 minutes

Wake me up at 6am

Show my Alarms


Set a timer for 3 min

Show  my timer

Pause timer

Resume timer

Stop timer


Tell Susan I'll be right there

Send a message to Emily saying how about tomorrow

Text Lindsay Thanks for the tickets

Send a text to 408 555 1212 saying hi

Reply to Brian that's great news


Set up a meeting with Pete at 9

Create a meeting about hiring tomorrow at 11am

Make a meeting every Monday at 4 about the budget

What does the rest of my day look like

What's on my calendar for Friday?

When am I meeting with Carmen?


Call Mom

Call Emily's Mobile

Cal Susan on hoer work phone

Call 708 555 1212

Call home


What's the weather tomorrow?

How's the weather in Tampa right now?

What's the high for Anchorage on Thursday?

What's the temperature outside?

When does the sunset in Paris?

Do I need an umbrella today?



Where can I get pizza around here?

I need a good hair salon

Is there a bike shop nearby?

I need aspirin

Give me walking directions to Emily's

How do I get home?

Get directions to Yosemite


Play Stay by Sam Smith

Play Lorde

Play some blues

Play my party mix playlist

Shuffle my road trip playlist






What movies are playing right now?

How were the reviews for Toy Story 3?

Who starred in Remember the Titans?

What comedies are showing nearby?

Are there any 3D movies playing now?

Which movie won best picture in 2013?

Who won Best Actress in 1997?

Q& A

How many calories in a bagel?

What is the Gossamer Condor?

What's the square root of 128?

Show me the Orion constellation?

What's the population of Jamaica?

How high is Mt. Everest?

When was Abraham Lincoln born?


Did the Giants Win?

Show me football scores from last night

When's the next Warriors Game?

What's the score of the Oakland?

What basketball games or on today?

What channel is the Angels game on?

When is England's next match?

Who's the best team in hockey?

What are the standings in the AFC East?

Get me college football rankings?

Who is the stating pitcher for the Angels today?

Show me the roster for the Los Angeles Kings


What's Apple's Stock price?

What did Yahoo close at today?

How is the Nikkei doing?

How are the markets doing?

Where's the NASDAQ today?

Compare APPL and the NASDAQ

App Launch

Launch Workout

Open Activity View

Launch Photos

Open mail

Show my calendar

Open passbook

Open camera

Web Image Search

Find photos of killer whales

Pictures of Corgi Puppies

Find images of baby pandas

Show me pictures of Albert Einstein


Check out   Up Next - What To Do When   on the App Store,  a great way to view your reminders lists on Apple Watch 

Check out Up Next - What To Do When on the App Store,  a great way to view your reminders lists on Apple Watch